The port of Vierow is located on the southern rim of Greifswald lagoon. It specialises in the handling and storage of grain, oilseeds, animal feeds and other foodstuffs.

In the past years the port of Vierow has grown into the second largest place of transshipment for grain and animal feeds in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Ships are handled in a continuous shift system. For this service the port is certified to GMP+ B3.

At their location in Vierow, Hafen Vierow GmbH and VIELA Export GmbH have a grain storage capacity of more than 90,000 tonnes at their disposal. There is also a direct link to a semi-mobile conveyor belt for direct loading of sea-going and inland waterway vessels. In addition, the port of Vierow is in the process of receiving a railway connection with the support of the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It is currently under construction and, once completed, will allow for the loading and unloading of cargo trains from 2012.

The handling performance in grain loading via the conveyor belt facility is 300 tonnes per hour, while the discharge rate of the two excavators used for handling is about 250 tonnes each per hour.

The port of Vierow has designated approx. 22 hectares of land for industrial settlement secured under planning law.

The port is accessible for shipping at all times without temporary limitations or impedimentsby bridges.

Average annual cargo volume: 800.000 t
Berths: finger pier with 2 berths
Quay length: 140 and 120 m
Depth of water at berth: max. 7,50 m
Maximum allowable draft for seagoing vessels: max. 6,50 m
Ship units: up to 7,000 mt
Absence of ice: 12 months
Paved open air storage: 20.000 m²
Covered storage: 20.000 m²
Rail connection: available 33