Packing - Stowage - Securing

Since the year 2000, Karpack GmbH, has been offering export packaging fort the most diverse of industrial goods, truck loading, packaging in containers and further cargo handling services such as secure cargo stowage for all goods and ships. The service provider works with its own experienced specialist staff at all German ports and also throughout Europe.

The team of foremen and a further 30 employees, including packers, stevedores, crane operators, truck drivers, forklift drivers and welders, together form a powerful workforce that is deployed “around the clock” for customers.
And their deployment is not limited just to ports. In fact, the company also offers and recommends flexible, production-related processing on-site with customers.

Karpack supports customers in the export process right from the construction phase with advice and consulting on packaging, loading and cargo stowage/securing.
Its customers include both major industrial enterprises and small to medium-sized companies.
Goods can also be temporarily stored in the company´s dedicated open-air storage area and covered warehouses.

Karpack packages, loads and secures goods, also offering corrosion protection. In addition to this, the service provider unlashes goods, cleans ship floors from any lashing residue and – if necessary – also collects any load securing material for reuse.

The company is certified by the office Veritas according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.


Karpack GmbH manufactures packaging for crates of all sizes, which is produces itself. For corrosion protection, the company works with VCI systems and layered aluminum film in connection with drying agents and shrink-wrap systems. For export outside the EU, the specialist operation uses wood in compliance with the IPPC-Standard ISPM No. 15 and also processes labelling authorization.


From its many years of loading experience, the company knows that only the appropriate, seaworthy packaging can guarantee secure transport over the world´s oceans. Karpack classes itself as “the specialist” for particularly complicated challenges in the field of project cargo.


Karpack GmbH is “the specialist” in cargo-securing. The services offered include lashing and keel-blocking for all manner of cargo in conventional and container ships, as well as securing cargo in containers and on trucks.