The industrial port Lubmin has become an internationally renowned transshipment points since its opening in 2006. The harbor installation in the Northeast of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, run by the special purpose association ETF, is conveniently located with direct access to the Baltic Sea and the German inland waterways network.

The industrial port Lubmin’s south quay has a length of 740 meters and five berths. The east quay has a length of 115 meters and one berth. The water depth is 7 meters so that ships with a draft of up to 6.1 meters can enter the port. A turning basin with a width of 175 meters allows the smooth handling of ships up to 120 meters. Bigger units are also conceivable.

The quay’s height is 3 meters above sea level. The port area also includes a heavy load area of 100 x 30 meters and about 12,000 m² of open space. A large area of 120 hectare is located directly at the port’s boundaries and available for industrial and commercial settlements.

The German inland waterways network can easily be reached from the industrial port Lubmin. Optimal conditions in terms of transport logistics are provided through the hinterland connection to highway A 20, access to the public road network and a direct connection to the Deutsche Bahn AG’s rail network. A track was installed along the 740 meter south quay road in order to ensure effective and flexible pre and on-carriage.

COE Shipping GmbH & Co. KG ( has been in charge of the transshipments since January 1, 2016. For this purpose, H+S Hafenstauerei was founded to manage everything related to the loading of goods, loading and lashing as well as load securing. Its tasks also include the loading and unloading of containers, wagons and trucks and the optimization of pre- and on-carriage of all transport modes.

A flexible and experienced team as well as modern and reliable technology ensure optimal solutions. Not only regarding the transshipment of bulk goods, general cargo and project cargo but also in terms of offshore wind energy segments.

Smooth operations are ensured by COE Shipping’s agency services which are available at all German ports. Optimal solutions for all loads and projects are guaranteed as the industrial port Lubmin has m any years of experience.

Further information on the industrial port Lubmin can be obtained at Zweckverband "ETF".